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Screen Star Events is a UK based Conference and Events company managed by Barry Campbell who lives in Scotland.  


Barry has extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in arranging events that aim to go a little bit further than standard conference and events enabling more of a rewarding and memorable connection with our diverse range of guests from the Arts and Entertainment world.


Barry's vision for Screen Star has flourished from its conception fifteen years ago and we are thrilled to represent many respected actors from around the world at our fan events. 


With his passion for Australian television drama and film as a major driving force of the events so far, Screen Star has created countless opportunities for fans to meet their favourite stars from popular shows such as Prisoner, Wentworth, Neighbours, Home and Away and many more.   

As of 2023, we are beginning to expand our virtual and live events to include appearances from actors well known from our British soaps and dramas. If you would like to make any guest suggestions please feel free to contact us at the link above.  If you are an actor who would like to connect with your fans please also feel free to get in touch with us. 

John Godbold continues to host all our live and virtual events.  John resides in Birmingham and joins Barry and the rest of the team at every event to create a welcoming atmosphere that many of you have come to know and love about our events!

From Paul our photographer to Ben, Lee, Vesna, Amanda, Rachel, Rob and our other volunteers - they each play a key role in making each event a success by looking after our star guests and attendees and ensuring you have the best day with us. 



Manager and Founder - Screen Star UK 

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