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We are delighted to announce our ALL STARS Event coming to Birmingham and London in October!

ALL STARS will bring together some of your favourite screen stars at a round table event where each of the actors will come to your table to chat and catch up all their loyal and devoted fans.  

Each General Admission ticket will give you access to the full event (12.30pm to 20:00 approx), stage interviews, one free signature on any item of your choice, as well as a SELFIE photo with each actor when they come to your table.   Professional 'photo ops' will be available to purchase later. 

General Admission ticket cost:  £135 per person 

(plus £3 covering payment processing fees) 

12:30pm to 20:00 (approx)

Venue information will be confirmed to all guests via e-mail. 

 All tickets non-refundable unless the event is cancelled or postponed (see terms)

*** If attending both locations these must be booked separately - Thank You ***

Saturday 21st Oct 2023

Sunday 22nd Oct 2023


Event Cancellations or Postponements

We never like having to cancel or postpone an event but there may be a reason we have to do this which is out with our control. If an event is cancelled completely, all ticket holders will be refunded within 28 days. If an event is postponed to a later date, all tickets will automatically be carried forward to that date unless you are unable to attend the new dates offered. Should an event be postponed, we will notify each ticket holder of this via our ticket company.  It is your responsibility to check your e-mails and correspondence from us, which will be sent to the e-mail address linked to your ticket reservation. If you are the lead ticket holder for other guests in your party it is your responsibility to notify them of the changes. At the time of an event postponement email being sent, all guests will have maximum ten days to advise us if they wish to attend the new dates or if they would like to request a refund.  The ability to request a refund will cease after ten full calendar days from the date the e-mail is sent, closing at 17:00 of the tenth day, after which no further refund requests will be accepted. By attending our events you acknowledge that we are committing to bringing actors from the other side of the world and as such, we require to know the total number of guests in attendance at all times and cannot be in a position where this is unclear.   Therefore should you contact us out with the ten day period of refunds due to any delay in you accessing emails or claiming you have not received the correspondence, refunds are not possible and this is strictly non-negotiable. 

Should an event be cancelled or postponed, Screen Star Events are not liable for any extra costs incurred such as travel or accommodation costs required to attend one of our events.  
Guests are encouraged to ensure they have appropriate travel insurance in place as well as full cancellation policies for all their travel and accommodation reservations. 

Upon booking tickets to an event, Paypal will deduct a payment processing fee which we apply at checkout to cover this.  This fee is non-refundable. Only to promoted ticket price minus processing fees will be refunded in the event of cancellation or postponement. 

What will happen if an actor is unable to attend nearer to the time of the event? 

If one or more members of the promoted talent have to pull out due to other commitments this is entirely their decision and out with the control of Screen Star Events.   When you purchase a ticket to attend an event featuring two or more actors you are attending an event as a whole and not to meet one particular cast member.   Should an actor you have specifically booked to see have to withdraw from an appearance we will attempt to find a replacement actor.  As such, refund of General Admission / VIP tickets are not possible, only refunds of purchased photo ops with the affected cast member will apply. By purchasing tickets to our events via you agree to abide by our terms and conditions and accept that refunds are not permitted. Similarly it will not be possible to transfer tickets to any future events featuring the actor who has been forced to withdraw. 

What happens at a round table event?  How much time will we get with the actors?

There will be approximately ten guests at each table.  Each of the actors will move around the room visiting each table for approximately ten minutes.  Seflie photos will be done very swiftly when the actor comes to your table,  we usually ask each guest to stand up for this but if you wish to remain seated that's fine. The quicker we can get the selfie's done, it means more chat time within the allocated ten minutes. We respectfully ask you only take one selfie and do not ask for further opportunities in fairness to all other guests. Each actor will have a Screen Star member of staff accompanying them who can help take the selfie if you wish.  Selfie photographs are strictly one guest and one actor, we won't be able to accept requests for more than one guest in a photo.   If you would like a professional photograph with the actor of your choice, these will be available to purchase separately.    On arrival at the event,  you are welcome to sit anywhere you like however it won't be possible for you to hold seats for any friends who may turn up later.  Seats are allocated on a first come, first served basis on the day.  On your table, you'll see a schedule of how the round table meet and greet will work, and when each actor will visit your table. This means there will be some periods of time where you don't have any actor at your table and you'll be able to use this time for comfort breaks, purchase drinks etc.   The round table meet and greet section of the day will last approximately two and a half hours.  The schedule of the day will be posted by us nearer the time, but these events are designed to give everyone a chance to relax and chat with our guests and not feel intimidated meeting star guests.  They will make you feel at ease, as will our staff!

What safety measures relating to Covid-19 will be implemented?

We do not expect any restrictions to be in place at this event.  However,  due to the unpredictable nature of Covid-19 we will adopt whichever safety measures are required in order for our event to run safely and smoothly for everyone in attendance. Hand sanitiser stations will be available for use in venues.  In the unlikely event of us asking guests to use face coverings we ask each guest to comply without question unless medically exempt.   By booking a ticket to our event you agree to comply with any safety measures asked. Screen Star reserves the right to change and adapt any restrictions at short notice which may include but not limited to, the wearing of face coverings and requesting evidence of a negative LFD / flow test to be shown on arrival.   
Should these be implemented, you agree that Screen Star Events have taken all necessary steps to locate a time and date where no restrictions will affect our event but if we are required to do so you will comply and refund of tickets will not be possible.  

As of March 2022, mask wearing is no longer mandatory in England where both these events are being held.  All restrictions have been dropped, but due to the unpredictable nature of this virus and pandemic we need to be prepared for another rise in cases which may require the UK Government to reintroduce any safety measures they deem necessary.   If you are not vaccinated against Covid-19 for whatever reason and are concerned about attending an event with over 100 guests in attendance, please speak to your GP.   

As of 2023 all restrictions have dropped within the UK however our Covid-19 policy will remain in place to safeguard our guests, staff, actors and other personnel in case of any sudden and unexpected change to government enforced restrictions.
It is your own personal responsibility to protect yourself from Covid-19 and also the safety of others.   
If you feel unwell in the lead up to an event you should not attend. 

By purchasing tickets to attend our events you understand this is a fan gathering of over 100 people and you will be seated within an auditorium or at round tables which will unavoidably mean you will be in close proximity to other guests.

By purchasing tickets to attend our events you agree to release and discharge Screen Star Events, our staff, venue, associates or business partners, licensor, sponsor or anyone linked to the event organiser for any liability if you should catch Covid-19 as a result of attending the event. ​

If I cannot attend can I request a refund?

Refunds will only be given if an event is cancelled or postponed(*).   There are no exceptions to this rule so please make sure you are able to attend as we cannot offer refunds or to transfer tickets to any other dates.  By booking a place at our events you confirm you agree to our terms and conditions and FAQ as stated on this page as these reflect your agreement with us upon purchasing your tickets. 

If you have a change of circumstances in the lead up to an event or due to unforeseen circumstances are unable to attend, due to the nature of our events we are unable to offer a refund.  This includes but is not limited to, being unable to attend due to illness (including a positive Covid-19 test result), accident, emergency, transport breakdown, bereavement, traffic delays or traffic strike action, flight or other travel cancellations.  These are deemed out with the control of Screen Star Events. 


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