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MONDAY 29th JULY 2024
(Evening Event)

Come along and meet Neighbours star Lucinda Cowden at our conference and events in July 2024.
Guests will have the opportunity to listen to a stage interview, participate in a Q&A session and also receive a digital photograph with Lucinda and two signatures on any items as part of your General Admission ticket. 

Signatures can be on personal items or we will have some photographs available to purchase at the event. 

Please read our terms and conditions below prior to booking your tickets. 


Ticket cost: £55.00 per person
Plus £6 processing fee



Can you tell me when the event will start and end?

Approximate times are 14.00  to 19:00 for London, 15:00 to 20:00 for Manchester and 18:30 to 22:30 for Glasgow.
This will comprise of 30 min stage interview, 1 hour Q and A, 30 min break. Photographs and then ending with signatures.
Each guest will be able to get two signatures on any items as part of your admission ticket. This can be on personal items or we will have some photographs available to purchase on the day. 
Once you have had your photographs and signatures you are able to leave,  our estimated end time is when we envisage we will conclude the signings with the last of our guests. 

Please note that during the photograph and signing sessions each guest will have to wait their turn so will involve patience.  Unfortunately we are unable to move anyone further up the queue so please ensure you are available to attend the entire event and able to wait your turn.  We will be unable to refund any part of your tickets if you are unable to wait till the event concludes.   

Can you tell me what the schedule of the day is?

Schedule of the day will consist of interview (approximately 30 mins) followed by Audience
Q and A (approximately one hour).  Photographs will be conducted after this, ending with signatures as the penultimate part of the day.
Wristbands or lanyards will be issued on arrival for when you wish to leave the function room and these will have to be shown to re-enter.   

How much are tickets?

General Admission tickets for this event are £55 per person, plus £6 booking fee.
This includes access to the entire event, interviews, Q and A, one professional photograph (available for digital download after the event. Each guest will also be able to obtain two signatures on any items as part of your admission ticket. 

Where will I sit?

Seating for these events are allocated on a first come first served basis.   As such you will be unable to reserve or hold any seats for friends who may turn up later.  Please be respectful to other guests at all times.  Some people will be attending on their own, but our events always encourage guests to make new friends over the course of the day. 

Will I get to chat with with star guest?

Yes - by purchasing a ticket this will give access to the entire event where you can say hello to the actors and get one signature on any item you bring, or we will have a selection photographs available for purchase on the day.

Are there any VIP tickets?

Only General Admission tickets are available to purchase. 
Should there be any VIP opportunities available we will advise everyone by e-mail. 
At Screen Star Events we like all our attendees to have the same experience over the course of the day and we may choose to offer upgrades as opposed to any VIP tickets. 
Everyone will be contacted by us in due course. 

If I cannot attend can I request a refund?

Refunds will only be given if an event is cancelled or postponed(*).   There are no exceptions to this rule so please make sure you are able to attend as we cannot offer refunds or to transfer tickets to any other dates. 
By booking a place at our events you confirm you agree to our terms and conditions and FAQ as stated on this page as these reflect your agreement with us upon purchasing your tickets. 

If you have a change of circumstances in the lead up to an event or due to unforeseen circumstances are unable to attend, due to the nature of our events we are unable to offer a refund.  This includes but is not limited to, being unable to attend due to illness (including a positive Covid-19 test result), accident, emergency, transport breakdown, bereavement, traffic delays or traffic strike action, flight or other travel cancellations.  These are deemed out with the control of Screen Star Events. 

If you are unable to attend we will permit you to transfer tickets to someone else providing we have their full names and contact details no less than 2 working days before an event is held. 

* Please see below terms relating to event postponements

Event Cancellations or Postponements

We never like having to cancel or postpone an event but there may be a reason we have to do this which is out with our control. If an event is cancelled completely, all ticket holders will be refunded within 28 days. If an event is postponed to a later date, all tickets will automatically be carried forward to that date unless you are unable to attend the new dates offered. Should an event be postponed, we will notify each ticket holder of this via our ticket company.  It is your responsibility to check your e-mails and correspondence from us, which will be sent to the e-mail address linked to your ticket reservation. If you are the lead ticket holder for other guests in your party it is your responsibility to notify them of the changes. At the time of an event postponement email being sent, all guests will have maximum ten days to advise us if they wish to attend the new dates or if they would like to request a refund.  The ability to request a refund will cease after ten full calendar days from the date the e-mail is sent, closing at 17:00 of the tenth day, after which no further refund requests will be accepted. By attending our events you acknowledge that we are committing to bringing actors from the other side of the world and as such, we require to know the total number of guests in attendance at all times and cannot be in a position where this is unclear.   Therefore should you contact us out with the ten day period of refunds due to any delay in you accessing emails or claiming you have not received the correspondence, refunds are not possible and this is strictly non-negotiable. 

Should an event be cancelled or postponed, Screen Star Events are not liable for any extra costs incurred such as travel or accommodation costs required to attend one of our events.  
Guests are encouraged to ensure they have appropriate travel insurance in place as well as full cancellation policies for all their travel and accommodation reservations. 

Upon booking tickets to an event, Paypal will deduct a payment processing fee which we apply at checkout to cover this.  This fee is non-refundable. Only to promoted ticket price minus processing fees will be refunded in the event of cancellation or postponement. 


Whilst we do not expect there to be any social distancing requirements, by booking to attend our events you acknowledge the need for us to adapt any social distancing measures and restrictions we deem necessary in light of any increase in Covid-19 cases and should this be required, everyone must comply without question. 
Any changes will be supported by the actors in attendance. We will endeavour to ensure no face coverings are required for photo ops but you agree that should this become a requirement by our company or by UK government all guests will comply and refunds will not be possible.  

The pose you will adopt in the photo alongside your chosen cast member(s) will, at all times, remain their decision and preference which may change at short notice.  Please do not request any variations of poses / re-enactments of a particular scene an actor has participated in from a particular television series, as we will be unable to agree to this.  

Can I change the name on one of my tickets?

If you or someone else in your party cannot attend an event, refunds of tickets are not possible
If you or someone else in your party test positive for Covid-19 prior to attending an event or have any other change of circumstances we will allow you to transfer your tickets to someone else.  You must advise us of the new ticket holder details including full legal name, e-mail address and telephone number.  They must make contact with us from the e-mail address provided and agree to our terms and conditions.  Screen Star Events does not permit any guest to offer their tickets for sale without our prior permission. 
We must have full names and contact details of all guests attending for security and health and safety measures. By booking tickets to our event you agree to abide by this and our terms and conditions.  Photo ID will be required to gain entry to all our events in 2022. 

Where will the event be held?

Venue details will be made available on this website.  These are usually always city centre based and easy to get to via public transport with good access for any guests using wheelchairs. 

Will you have any merchandise available to purchase?

We will provide a range of photographs available for purchase on the day. 

Can we bring gifts for the cast and personal items for them to sign?

Please check back closer to the date of your event with regards to bringing gifts.  Whilst all actors are very pleased and grateful to receive gifts from their fans it often makes it difficult for them to take items back home to Australia.  Therefore should you wish to bring any gifts we respectfully ask that you select small items only. 

What will happen if an actor is unable to attend nearer to the time of the event? 

If the actor is unable to attend this event due to personal or professional commitments the event will be postponed and a new date will be given.  Pleaser refer to our section on Refunds should this event be postponed.
If you cannot attend future dates and apply for refunds out with the times stated we are unable to process this.  
It will also not be possible to transfer tickets to any future events featuring this actor. 

Can we be sure our event will go ahead due to Covid-19?

Screen Star Events have done events in the UK for fifteen years.  We don't plan on stopping any time soon.   Covid-19 has caused significant disruption to all event companies around the world and we are no exception.   Wherever possible, we will not postpone or cancel an event unless absolutely necessary.  However due to Covid-19 continuing to present various challenges in our everyday lives, we cannot guarantee it will not affect our events in the future. Should our 2022 event schedule be disrupted we will give all guests ample warning.   Should we find ourselves in receipt of any communication from guests which is viewed by us as unpleasant, rude, challenging or in any way deemed to be unacceptable behaviour in light of any unavoidable event postponements or actor cancellations, access to our events and the ability to meet actors via our company will be withheld immediately including any future reservations.   
By booking a place at our events you agree that you have read all of our FAQ and T's & C's. 

What safety measures relating to Covid-19 will be implemented?

We will adopt whichever safety measures are required in order for our event to run safely and smoothly for everyone in attendance. Hand sanitiser stations will be set up and available at each table. We will attempt to select dates where no social distancing or face coverings are required however should this become a legal requirement or the decision of our company closer to the time of our event then all guests must comply.   By booking a ticket to our event you agree to comply with any safety measures asked. Screen Star Reserves the right to change and adapt any restrictions at short notice which may include but not limited to, the wearing of face coverings and requesting evidence of a negative LFD / flow test to be shown on arrival.   
Should these be implemented, you agree that Screen Star Events have taken all necessary steps to locate a time and date where no restrictions will affect our event but if we are required to do so you will comply and refund of tickets will not be possible.  

As of March 2022, mask wearing is no longer mandatory in England where both these events are being held.  All restrictions have been dropped, but due to the unpredictable nature of this virus and pandemic we need to be prepared for another rise in cases which may require the UK Government to reintroduce any safety measures they deem necessary.   If you are not vaccinated against Covid-19 for whatever reason and are concerned about attending an event with over 150 guests in attendance, please speak to your GP.   
It is your own personal responsibility to protect yourself from Covid-19 and also the safety of others.   
If you feel unwell in the lead up to an event you should not attend. 

By purchasing tickets to attend our events you understand this is a fan gathering of over 150 people and you will be seated within a tiered seating auditorium and will unavoidably mean you will be seated in close proximity to other guests.

By purchasing tickets to attend our events you agree to release and discharge Screen Star Events, our staff, venue, associates or business partners, licensor, sponsor or anyone linked to the event organiser for any liability if you should catch Covid-19 as a result of attending the event. ​

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