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An Audience With Nicole da Silva


Please read the FAQ below and our terms before making a booking through our website. 
By booking a place you confirm you agree to our terms. 

Proof of a negative LFT test will be required from all guests taken within 24-48 hours of the event. 



Can you tell me when the event will start and end?
Approximate times are 2pm to 8pm, with guests to arrive for approximately 1.15pm for check in.  
Please note that during the Photo Ops and Signing Session each guest will have to wait their turn so will involve patience.  Unfortunately we are unable to move anyone further up the queue so please ensure you are available to attend the entire event and wait your turn.  We will be unable to refund any part of your tickets / photo ops if you are unavailable or have to leave before our event finishes.  

Can you tell me what the schedule of the day is?

We will commence our event with an intro show reel before welcoming our star guest onto the stage.   
This will be followed by an interview, before we move into Photo Ops where each guest will be able to have an individual photograph with Nicole as part of your General Admission ticket. 

Please note: this section of the day will be conducted very swiftly.  
We will have a short break before returning to the stage for a Q&A where our interviewer will move into the audience with roving mic. 
There will then be an opportunity for guests to obtain one free signature  on any item as part of your General Admission ticket.  

We plan to make some VIP tickets available for this event however details of this will be released approximately one week after General Admission tickets go on sale.   Please book General Admission tickets first.  

How much are tickets?
General Admission tickets for this event are £125 per person, plus booking fee. This includes access to the event, stage interview, one signature on any item you choose, and an individual photograph with Nicole which will be printed out during the event. 

Where will I sit?
Seating for these events are allocated on a first come first served basis.   As such you will be unable to reserve or hold any seats for friends who may turn up later.  Please be respectful to other guests at all times.  Some guests will be attending on their own and our events are known for their friendly and relaxed atmosphere. If you require any assistance please contact us. 

Will I get to chat with the actor?
Yes - by purchasing a General Admission ticket this will give access to the signing session when you can say hello to the actor in person. 

Are there any VIP tickets?
We offer Protection Unit tickets as our VIP section.  Details of this will be released / announced in due course.  Please follow our social media pages for any updates. 

If I cannot attend can I request a refund?
Refunds will only be given if an event is cancelled.   There are no exceptions to this rule so please make sure you are able to attend as we cannot offer any other dates.  By booking a place at our events you confirm you have read our terms and conditions. 

Can I have my photo taken with the cast?
For this event, an individual photograph with the actor is included as part of your General Admission ticket.
Please note:  All photos will be done very swiftly and unfortunately will not involve chat time due to time constraints. 
We respectfully ask all guests to abide by this to ensure our schedule runs smoothly.   A print out of your photo will be made available for collection later in the day.   Whilst we do not expect there to be any social distancing regulations, the pose you will adopt in the photo alongside your chosen cast member(s) will, at all times, remain their decision and preference.  Please do not request any variations of poses / re-enactments of any scene a particular actor has participated in from the Wentworth television series, as we will be unable to agree to this.  

Where will the event be held?
All guests will be notified by email of the venue name and location.  These are usually always city centre based and easy to get to via public transport. 

Will you have any merchandise available to purchase?
Yes!  Some Official and exclusive merchandise will be available for purchase on the day.   Our Official fan card sets are available to order online so you can purchase them and bring them with you.   We will have some available on the day but to ensure they don't sell out we advise purchasing them before you attend.  Click here to purchase our fan cards.

Can we bring gifts for the cast and personal items for them to sign?
This is fine. 

Can we be sure our event will go ahead due to Covid-19?
Screen Star Events have done events in the UK for fifteen years.  We don't plan on stopping any time soon.   Covid-19 has caused significant disruption to all event companies around the world and we are no exception.   Wherever possible, we will not postpone or cancel an event unless absolutely necessary.  However due to Covid-19 continuing to present various challenges in our everyday lives, we cannot guarantee it will not affect our events in the future. Should our 2022 event schedule be disrupted we will give all guests ample warning.   Should we find ourselves in receipt of any communication from guests which is viewed by us as unpleasant, rude, challenging or in any way deemed to be unacceptable behaviour in light of any unavoidable event postponements, access to our events and the ability to meet actors via our company will be withheld immediately including any future reservations.   
By booking a place at our events you agree that you have read all of our FAQ and T's & C's. 

What safety measures relating to Covid-19 will be implemented?

*** All guests attending this event will be required to show proof of a negative LFT test taken within 24-48 hours of the event to gain entry ***  Details of how to obtain this and accepted proof will be sent to all guests. 

Our policy on face coverings is that we would like our guests to continue to wear these in our events which is reflected in government advice for events in an enclosed space.  Whilst our events are relatively small with maximum 150 guests, we would greatly appreciate your support in creating an atmosphere where everyone feels safe.  We do not expect there to be a requirement for these for photo ops - these can be removed to have your photo taken with our star guest.   However should this become a legal requirement or heightened safety measures deemed necessary by our company closer to the time of our event, then all guests must comply without question.   

By booking a ticket to our event you agree to comply with any safety measures asked.

As the UK government continue to monitor Covid-19 cases causing changes to the way events are run, we reserve the right to adopt whichever safety measures are required in order for our event to run safely and smoothly for everyone in attendance.
Hand sanitiser stations will be set up and available for use. 

Should any extra health and safety measures be enforced by law or implemented by us, you agree that Screen Star Events have taken all necessary steps to locate a time and date where no restrictions will affect our event but if we are required to do so you will comply and refund of tickets will not be possible.
If you feel unwell in the lead up to an event you should not attend. 

By purchasing tickets to attend our events you agree to release and discharge Screen Star Events, our staff, venue, associates or business partners, licensor, sponsor or anyone linked to the event organiser for any liability if you should catch Covid-19 as a result of attending the event. 

If I test positive for Covid-19 am I able to request a refund?
Unfortunately not.   If you test positive for Covid-19 and therefore unable to attend our event, refunds are not possible.   
We will permit you to offer the ticket(s) to someone else but you must contact us as soon as possible to request a name change.  You cannot give your tickets to someone else without us being made aware of this and approving the changes.   We will require full names and contact number for all our guests. 

By booking a ticket to attend this event you agree that no refunds are possible unless the event is cancelled and agree to abide by our terms and conditions.  

By purchasing tickets to attend our events you agree to release and discharge Screen Star Events, our staff, venue, associates or business partners, licensor, sponsor or anyone linked to the event organiser for any liability if they catch Covid-19 as a result of attending the event.

Please be careful to book the correct location

21st May 2022

22nd May 2022

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