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per person
Plus £3 processing fee

(For 12 months access to our private Facebook Group)

All payments non-refundable and non-recurring. 



We are launching our virtual events as of September 2023.  As well as having the opportunity to purchase tickets to one-on-one virtual meet and greets, we have also created an exclusive members only area where we'll have various actors join us live and some exclusive "members only" chats. 

Lots of you have asked us about having an exclusive members only area and we are delighted to offer this new experience for a set fee of only £55.00 covering a whole year from time of payment.  

We have decided to use a private Facebook Group as our members only platform for the first twelve months which will be reviewed after that period of time. This may change in the future, but it allows members to access the group via an existing secure log-in and social media site many of you are already familiar with, and are already connected with many friends on.
We can use our live streaming software to stream direct into the private group.   
It does, however, mean members must have a personal Facebook profile to join!   Pages are not permitted. 

Once you have paid below, you will receive an e-mail with a link to our members only group. 
We aim to approve requests within 2 hours during standard UK office hours 9am to 5pm.
Occasionally this may take longer but we will aim to approve members prior to a online event being held. 
Only one payment per individual member and this must be paid by yourself and you must be able to confirm your personal Facebook profile and e-mail address.
If you wish to gift a membership to someone else you need to confirm this with Screen Star by e-mail.   

Please read our terms and Q&A below. 


Can you tell me more about your online events?
Screen Star have held many free online events over the years with some of Australia's best loved actors. We are now expanding these to offer one on one virtual meet and greets, 'Audience With' online interviews, as well as a members only area.   Whenever we broadcast a live online 'Audience With' interview to our public Facebook and Youtube pages for the general public to watch, once our interview has ended we'll carry on chatting with the actor in our private group where members will be able to continue asking questions, with the opportunity for a small number of members to come up on screen and ask a question yourself.  Our members only area does not include access to one-on-one virtual events which must be purchased separately when they go on sale.  

How long will the members only sessions last?
These should last between 45 to 60 minutes depending on how long the actor is available.  

How do you select who comes on screen to ask a question?
For this to be done fairly, this will be conducted via a comment picker app, which you will need to approve when you join the group.  If you wish to be in with a chance to come up on screen we will ask you to comment in a specific post and the app will pick which members come on.  At times, the actor who is participating in the live chat may decide to choose the members who come up themselves. You need to be available to join us at the time given.  We will aim to have five individual guests come on screen per session, depending on time. Actors will also respond to typed questions and interactions from other members. We will aim to identify the members who are coming up on panel 24 hours before the live session takes place. You will have to e-mail us and we will respond with the link to join us on screen. By using Facebook, we can also contact you immediately by Facebook messenger with the link to join when its your turn!

Do I need to download anything for the live stream?
No.  We use software that can live stream to Facebook pages and groups.  You don't need to download Zoom or anything else.  To join the stream we will send you a link to an email address or by Facebook Messenger and all you do is click to be taken into our studio and get ready to chat. You must have a smart phone or PC as per normal access to Facebook. 
BROWSERS: Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera all work with our live streaming software, but we recommend you use Chrome if you are selected to come up on screen. Please have this browser ready to use. None of your personal details other than your real name are required. Please refer to our privacy policy before joining as all members must agree that their name and personal profile photograph will be shared and your comments will be displayed on screen.  

Will you be holding live and members only chats at the same time every week?
No.  As part of your fee to join, you agree that Screen Star may need to vary the times of online chats and events depending on availability of actors.   Due to the current time difference between UK and Australia,  we expect to connect with actors in the UK mornings on a Saturday or Sunday, which will be evening / night in Australia.   This means it will be very early for our friends in America and other parts of the world who wish to join.  By joining the members only area you agree that you understand we cannot provide a time that will suit everyone in all parts of the world.  Occasionally some interviews may be done later at night UK time which corresponds to morning in Australia and after in America. We work around the actor's and their availability to chat with us. 

How long does my membership last?
Membership to our Facebook Group lasts for 12 months.  After this time, you will have the option to renew or cancel. 

How frequently will you hold online events?
This depends an actor availability.  We will be aiming to do one live 'Audience with' event every two weeks, more if we have time.   

Which actors will you have on?  Can we make suggestions?
Although we primarily work with Australian actors we are also expanding into other film and television shows as well as our home grown British soaps and drama's - so we are aiming to offer a diverse range of actors as well as crew, writers, producers and directors. Members are welcome to make guest suggestions and send us ideas for consideration. Actors joining us for live virtual events are doing so in their own time and our events are not endorsed, authorised or linked to any network, business or company that an actor may currently be contracted to, or have been contracted to in the past.   Views expressed by the actor are entirely their own and do not reflect the views and opinions of Screen Star Events. 

What time of day are the interviews likely to be done?

This can very depending on availability of actors, our live events will likely be held at weekends and around 11am UK time to coincide with evening in Australia.  Occasionally this may be later at night for UK fans (11pm) which corresponds to morning in Australia.  

Terms and conditions
By joining our members only area you agree that this payment to Screen Star Events gives access to a private Facebook Group and access live stream chats which means you give the rights to your name and photograph / personal details on Facebook to be visible.   This is no different to interacting with us on our public Facebook page as many of you do! 

From time and date of purchase, this will give access for twelve months.

Membership payment is non-refundable and you agree that we will offer live events whenever we are able to, as per actor availability which may change.  Your payment also supports Screen Star Events to continue virtual events and offer a new exclusive service to our followers.  You are not entering into an on-going subscription with Screen Star and you agree your payment is to access a service offering live chats and interaction with actors and other fans.  You agree that if you leave the group, any payments made to Screen Star are non-refundable.

For Privacy policy and data protection please refer to our terms page on our website and you also agree to Facebook's terms and conditions of use.  Payment to join the members only area does not give anyone exclusive access to one-one-one virtual meet and greets which are sold separately.  Membership is purely to the Facebook Group and to access post-show chats and interactions with the actor we are interviewing. As per our normal terms and conditions, if we believe that anyone participating in any of our virtual online experiences displays behaviour that is deemed unacceptable, compromises the safety, enjoyability or overall experience for other guests then they will be barred from participating in future online events and no refund will be given.  All guests must remain courteous at all times, no 'shouting' in chat is acceptable, and you agree not to share or screen record any part of our live streams as this is strictly prohibited.  

If you have any questions please e-mail Screen Star at 

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